Life is here NOW!

I sometimes wonder if anyone understands me

Like what I can be

I sometimes wonder if anyone understands you

Like what you can do

I secretly wish you have the power to rescue me

–Ha! See how silly even a modern girl can be?–

And still…

What would it be like if I really understood myself?

What would it be like if you really understood yourself?

Like a rare book read hourly, not shoved upon some shelf

Yes, I still dare to dream that our mysteries can be solved

That our human fears and sins can somehow be absolved

That we’ll seize the power and strength to rescue ourselves

Clearly seeing that life’s not in the bleachers or on these shelves

That it’s right here, right NOW, waiting…IMG_1769

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Best of Beauty 2014

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift for a friend, are lucky enough to score a Sephora gift certificate over the holidays, or are wanting to glam it up for NYE, check out the beauty products I’m loving this year.

Hello, gorgeous! 

Best Primer  

Laura Mercier’s Radiance Foundation Primer is a product I use every day. Its slightly opalescent, lit-from-within glow is easily addictive. Although I use it all over the face, I particularly like the sheen it delivers to the cheek bone area.

Tip #1: Sephora sells a smaller 1 oz bottle of this stuff which is great for giving it a first try and even the smaller size lasts forever.

Tip #2: Laura Mercier also does a Radiance Bronze version, which I wanted to love but didn’t. It was far too muddy on me.

Best Eyeshadow Palette

It was my sister who first got me hooked on Urban Decay, and at Christmas time to boot. Their mega-hit Naked2 eyeshadow palette, which contains 12 fairly universally-flattering shades, did me in. Although there are both matte and sparkly options–and I’m not one to shy away from a little glimmer–this palette is slightly too shiny for me. That said, it’s an undeniable go-to when it’s in the house, and Half Baked and Booty Call are AMAZING shades. (Not to mention pretty good names.)

Best Brows

I once asked a professional make-up artist what she considered to be my best feature. Without hesitation she said my brows. It seemed slightly disappointing at the time but now that we’re having a Cara Delevigne moment, I’m pleased. The best shortcut to amazing-looking brows is Urban Decay’s Brow Box. This one tiny box packs a lot of punch: two powders, a setting gel, two tiny brushes, and a mini tweezer. Plus it lasts forever.

Tip: Anastasia Beverly Hills also offers excellent brow products. Though not cheap, the Urban Decay brow box combines so many products that it’s far better value for the money.

Best Cheek Palette

This Urban Decay palette has much of what you need to create a perfect face: a blush, a bronzer and a highlighter. It’s available in four different colour schemes; I’ve tried both the introductory Naked (more pink) and Streak (more peach, which is nice for summer). Although the blush and bronzer are good (and useful for very basic contouring) it’s the highlighter that really takes the cake. This stuff is excellent!

Best Lashes 

Like many of you, I’ve been searching for the perfect mascara for years. While I’m a fan of Lancome’s Definicils, my favourite mascara right now is L’Oreal’s Voluminous Butterfly.

Butterfly Mascar

Something about the brush really does elongate and shape the lashes! This drugstore product is definitely worth giving a try.

Tip #1: Channel your inner Kim Kardashian and apply liberally, especially at the outer tips.

Tip #2: Knowing how much I like the regular Butterfly, I was keen to give the newer Voluminous Butterfly Intenza a try. Disappointing! Unlike its predecessor, that stuff is weak sauce.

Best Red Lip 

Having succumbed to the charms of Taylor Swift, I too have started daring to sport a bright red lip. I’ve even stumbled upon the perfect shade. Lancome’s Rouge In Love in 183N “Be My Date” is a true red–not too orange, not too pink, just perfect.


Unfortunately, it seems like it’s been discontinued. Scour your local stores, ladies, as this a red you don’t want to miss!

Well, that brings this year’s beauty list to a close. Happy holidays, everyone. Here’s wishing you a beautiful 2015!

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Homelessness is the worst kind of wildness

Crow on Lampost by Jan TurnerCoyote, I’m told this used to be a crow sanctuary
Now murders of crows still fly at nightfall
Darkening the city skies like locusts
Nesting on steel buildings, wires and walls
Coyote, do you think they still dream
Of days when their trees stood tall?
Man, we dare to call the birds murderers
When it’s we who are the killers, after all

“You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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The Poem’s Intention

Jaxon (Pic by Chris Pouget)

The poem has an intention

Could it be?

Could the words just bleed right through me?

Could a poet be a vehicle for the poem

The way salad is just a vehicle for the dressing?

The way (some might say)

A mother is just a vehicle for the child

But wait, she thinks, I made that person!

I’m at least half responsible

He’s my baby!

Yes, but to what degree did she create him?

There is such magic in life, such miracle in creating man,

Maybe mothers are just a conduit

Maybe poems, like people, have intentions

Though not always clear

Or, if clear, then unspoken

Wonderously waiting for the perfect moment

To come alive

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Battling the Saboteur

There is an unrest in my soul
A long-term, chronic dis-ease
A dreaded fear of failure
And an inbred desire to please

I hunger for affirmation
Scared that I am not enough
And question the way forward
Especially when life feels tough

Sometimes my vision is lacking
At night I can barely see
And my saboteur has practiced
Preparing to pounce upon me

She will not throw a single stick
She is tired of throwing stones
No, she knows just how to get me
And it is not by breaking bones

Perhaps she is here to protect me
Maybe I fear my own light
But it is time to silence her
And I am ready for the fight

Perhaps I have all the answers
And have known them all along
Maybe my journey is perfect
And I am right where I belong

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Friday Night Magic

What would it take to save you, to make you feel enough?

And do you have what it takes to save me, to make me feel enough?

I doubt anyone does, not even me. A real shame…

But guess what? The buck still stops here. It’s just you and me, doing the best we can.

So where to from here? Will we summon the courage to create something amazing…

Or cower behind mediocrity and excuses, tempted to assign blame?

I pressure myself to find answers when perhaps I should be living into the questions instead

Betting on some sort of trifecta between magic and feeling, and head.

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The craziest thing…

You want to know the craziest thing?
We all want to be loved
We are all fragile, hesitant, hopeful…
Thinking…pick me! I have something unique to offer…
And it’s true, we all do
And yet I’m left wondering how best to infuse my reality
With yours–why hello there!
When all we really want is for someone else
To share and champion our reality
The reality is we need to believe in ourselves

–If not us, then who?–

And we are crying, bleeding out for someone
To believe in us
So believe in me
And I will believe in you
Or so the old story goes
The real story is…I’ll believe in you
Even if you don’t believe in me
With peace and big, big love…
Big love

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