Homelessness is the worst kind of wildness

Crow on Lampost by Jan TurnerCoyote, I’m told this used to be a crow sanctuary
Now murders of crows still fly at nightfall
Darkening the city skies like locusts
Nesting on steel buildings, wires and walls
Coyote, do you think they still dream
Of days when their trees stood tall?
Man, we dare to call the birds murderers;
It’s we who are the killers, after all

“You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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My New Company, Goal Gathering, is born!

Dear Friends,

Over the past six months (and realistically long before then) I’ve been contemplating what sort of business I want to create. After quite a bit of reading and research, and some deep soul-searching, I’ve decided to launch Goal Gathering.

Goal Gathering is a learning and networking community dedicated to helping people achieve their goals. Members gather to learn, share and micro-volunteer to support each other’s success.

Early in 2015, our open (100% free) online community will go live. Members will visit goalgathering.com to share their goals, access learning resources and participate in meaningful, supportive discussions. We’ll work together to help people achieve what’s most important to them. We’ll look for ways to be of help, whether by offering ideas, free services, introductions—you name it.

Just imagine all the great possibilities this collective could create. (Hello, synchronicity!)

In addition to our open online community, Goal Gathering will also offer a range of inspiring (fee-for-service) learning and networking events throughout the year. These goal-focused events will take place both online and face-to-face in the Metro Vancouver, BC, area.

Perhaps most importantly, laying the foundation for my company has involved discovering and articulating the “why” behind Goal Gathering. Asking myself, what is it that I truly believe?

You’ll find the answer here:

What we focus on grows.

Given this immutable truth, we owe it to ourselves to focus on what we really want to achieve. Goal Gathering creates the space for us to continuously focus on achieving our goals.

Accountability improves results.

Even with the best intentions, people routinely fail to maintain their resolutions. By sharing your commitments and progress with others actively pursuing their goals, you’re likely to feel more accountable and achieve greater results.

Too many people feel isolated and alone.

Research has shown that social isolation is one of Metro Vancouver’s biggest challenges. I think this problem extends far beyond our borders. The Goal Gathering community exists to help people connect and engage.

Vulnerability is a good (and scary) thing.

By daring to share who we really are, what we want to achieve and our inevitable struggles along the way, we can connect more meaningfully and authentically with others.

People want to volunteer but don’t necessarily have a lot of time.

Goal Gathering members are encouraged to help each other by micro-volunteering to support each other’s goals. This simply involves looking for small ways to be of help, whether by offering ideas, free services, introductions—you name it.

Everyone could use a helping hand.

There’s no shortage of amazing charitable causes worthy of volunteer support. But I believe that everyone could benefit from a little help. Even just learning alongside others and sharing a journey can make all the difference.

A problem is a gap between what exists and what you want to exist.

In this way, many goals and problems have something in common. Another way of looking at the Goal Gathering community is as a problem-solving collective. Together we can generate suggestions and potential solutions we’d never dream of alone.

We all have something unique to contribute.

There’s something special and distinct about each of us. We all have talents, skills and knowledge that can greatly benefit our community.

Direction is important.

If you don’t know where you want to go, you’re probably not making the best use of your travel time. Plus, by knowing your destination, others can point you in the right direction.

We aim too low.

There are many reasons why we tend to shortchange ourselves. Why we underestimate our potential, stop dreaming big and settle for just getting by. Goal Gathering is passionate about encouraging people to live their very best lives.

Friends, please let me know if you’d like to join our mailing list or even “pay it forward” by helping me with my business in some small way. I’d love to hear your ideas.

I welcome you to the Goal Gathering community with open arms, an open mind and an open heart. OX Mika

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The Poem’s Intention

Jaxon (Pic by Chris Pouget)

The poem has an intention

Could it be?

Could the words just bleed right through me?

Could a poet be a vehicle for the poem

The way salad is just a vehicle for the dressing?

The way (some might say)

A mother is just a vehicle for the child

But wait, she thinks, I made that person!

I’m at least half responsible

He’s my baby!

Yes, but to what degree did she create him?

There is such magic in life, such miracle in creating man,

Maybe mothers are just a conduit

Maybe poems, like people, have intentions

Though not always clear

Or, if clear, then unspoken

Wonderously waiting for the perfect moment

To come alive

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Battling the Saboteur

There is an unrest in my soul
A long-term, chronic dis-ease
A dreaded fear of failure
And an inbred desire to please

I hunger for affirmation
Scared that I am not enough
And question the way forward
Especially when life feels tough

Sometimes my vision is lacking
At night I can barely see
And my saboteur has practiced
Preparing to pounce upon me

She will not throw a single stick
She is tired of throwing stones
No, she knows just how to get me
And it is not by breaking bones

Perhaps she is here to protect me
Maybe I fear my own light
But it is time to silence her
And I am ready for the fight

Perhaps I have all the answers
And have known them all along
Maybe my journey is perfect
And I am right where I belong

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Friday Night Magic

What would it take to save you, to make you feel enough?

And do you have what it takes to save me, to make me feel enough?

I doubt anyone does, not even me. A real shame…

But guess what? The buck still stops here. It’s just you and me, doing the best we can.

So where to from here? Will we summon the courage to create something amazing…

Or cower behind mediocrity and excuses, tempted to assign blame?

I pressure myself to find answers when perhaps I should be living into the questions instead

Betting on some sort of trifecta between magic and feeling, and head.

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The craziest thing…

You want to know the craziest thing?
We all want to be loved
We are all fragile, hesitant, hopeful…
Thinking…pick me! I have something unique to offer…
And it’s true, we all do
And yet I’m left wondering how best to infuse my reality
With yours–why hello there!
When all we really want is for someone else
To share and champion our reality
The reality is we need to believe in ourselves

–If not us, then who?–

And we are crying, bleeding out for someone
To believe in us
So believe in me
And I will believe in you
Or so the old story goes
The real story is…I’ll believe in you
Even if you don’t believe in me
With peace and big, big love…
Big love

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Zen Fairytale

Trail in Temperate Rainforest

Lead me through the forest
Pin me up upon a tree
Get me drunk on fine, fine wine
And ____ me ’til I feel free

Steal me to your castle
Hidden deep inside the wood
‘Cuz I’m dying for adventure
And I’m drowning in the “should”

Cruise me to that island
The one I’ve always longed to go
Maybe there I’ll learn the things
I’ve always yearned to know

I’m worried I’ll go nowhere
That fantasy is for the young
No castle no forest no island
My siren song’s been sung

So fly me fast to a city
Bustling with culture and art
Help me to write a perfect ending
And make a perfect start

But if I really do go nowhere
The truth’s still plain to see
No person or place can save me
As wherever I go I’ll be

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